Finalist of HRATC 2015 Challenge conducted by IEEE Robotics & Automation Society as part of ICRA 2015, the biggest conference in Robotics and Automation field


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We are happy to announce that, we have reached our first milestone in our start up journey. We have been selected as a finalist in an international robotic challenge called HRATC 2015 conducted by IEEE Robotics and Automation Society as a part of ICRA 2015  which is the biggest conference in the world for robotics and automation.

About the challenge:

The aim of the challenge was to inspect mine from a random area using the robot called Husky. The robot should perform autonomous navigation, detect mines and report to the judges. 

There are 5 finalist for this challenge including National university of Singapore, University of Texas, University of Nebraska. We are in the second position among these five teams.

We have been mainly focusing on autonomous navigation in mobile robots, so this challenge will be an important milestone in our career too. More details about team members and the story till now is given below

About the team :

Our team name is Zephyr and there are 2 members. One is the CEO/Founder of Qbotics Labs . Mr : Lentin Joseph and other member is a student from College of Engineering Munnar, his name is Kamil Kafoor He is doing his Mechanical engineering there. He registered and started this challenge and successfully completed the first phase called Algorithm phase. In this phase, we need to submit an algorithm that we are going to do in this challenge. He was selected in this phase and the next two levels are called Simulation phase and testing phase.


In both these stages, we have to use Robot Operating system(ROS) and also simulator called Gazebo. He was not proficient in ROS , so he contacted Qbotics Labs for implementing the upcoming stages.

We were really impressed in this challenge and we formed a team called Zephyr and completed the simulation phase in ROS and also updated the algorithm for navigation. It was very challenging for us, but we got cleared this stage.

Next stage was testing phase, we have to remove the simulator section and deploy our code in real hardware. We also successfully did that and reached in the finals.

About the competition:

Started in November-2014 , and final result came in April 16th 2015


We are demonstrating the abstract of each phase of the challenge through a video. Watch and share with your friends !!!


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