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QUT Introduction to robotics MOOC Certificate of participation

Learning is a continuous process, as a robotics startup we are learning by building robots and building strong foundation in Robotics theory aspects by reading  various books and online MOOC .

Recently our Founder Lentin Joseph has successfully completed a Massive open online course(MOOC) conducted by Queensland university in Australia and taught by Professor Peter Corke, he  authored a famous book in Robotics called Robotics, Vision and control.

The course consist of video lectures from very basic of Robotics to advanced concepts like Mobile robot navigation, Robot arm Navigation, Forward and Inverse Kinematics calculation and many more. The course ends with wide variety of application in robotics and the Job opportunites in this field. Peter Corke is an excellent lecturer, his  tutorials can understand even for a beginner in Robotics. The course length was almost 2 months. The projects and excercises are done using MATLAB and Robotic Toolbox. The screenshot of the certificate is shown below