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Big day for US !!! Our book and Company got featured in ROS official Blog

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This day(Jun – 3 – 2015)  is very special to us. The reason is, we got featured in  ROS blog  which is one of the main robotic framework that we are using for Robot programming. Getting featured on ROS website is actually a great milestone in our journey. The ROS blog article describe about the book content and the technologies used in this book. final_cover-01

Please have a look on the ROS blog link to check the article


Book  Listed in ROS Wiki

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Our first research product launched !!! And its a book

Qbotics Labs started as a research firm which is mainly into Robotics, Machine Vision and Embedded Systems. The aim of the company was to achieve or build something in these field within the first year itself. There was no plans to build commercial product but doing some research and development in robotics for identifying the commercial market. The Founder of Company named Lentin Joseph, who has acadamic and professional experience in Robotics for 5 years. He started writing a book called “Learning Robotics using Python” which aims to build an interactive autonomous mobile robots which can be used for serving food/beaverages and he named the robot as Chefbot.

The company is serving some clients at the same time in autonomous navigation in mobile robots domain. Lentin documented this experience of  autonomous navigation using Robot Operating System(ROS) and added additional functionalities such as human interaction by speech, added capabilities such as vision, some kind of AI etc.

The book describe the building  of autonomous mobile robot and discussing its designing, simulation, hardware designing, sensor interfacing, speech recognition, artificial Intelligence, and complete integration using ROS, and navigation stack. The robot is controlling using a GUI which can be used by an ordinary user who don’t need to know the underlying tech. In the last chapter we are testing and calibrating the robot for deployment.

The book is suitable for beginner level to Intermediate users and they  eed some sort of knowledge in Python. The entire coding is done using Python. The entire software tools we are using here are open source.

The book release in May 29th- 2015 and could launch the book as a part of ICRA2015(International Conference on Robotics and Automation)  which is the top conference in Robotics and Automation. As a Robotics Startup, we are very happy to hit our next milestone.

The book can be purchase from the following link

Purchase from PACKT

Purchase from Amazon

Given below images of the cover page of book and launching of book in ICRA

Cover page

Book Cover Page

Book Poster

Book Poster

Book Launching in ICRA 2015 by Lino Marques

Book Launching in ICRA 2015 by Lino Marques






Baxter Robot with Book Page

Baxter Robot by rethink robotics promoting book


Keynote speaker at ICRA 2015

Keynote speaker at ICRA 2015

Thanks and Keep promote the book !!!